It may be possible that you would like to have an Outlook login because you are either using it for work or for personal use. Either way, Outlook also covers accounts from Hotmail, Live, Outlook 365, and the like. Please find below, the steps to logging into your Outlook account.

(1) For the first step of your Outlook sign in, go to on your web browser. It does not matter whether you have Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc. You will find the screen looking like the picture below. Type in your email or your phone on the first field and then type in your password in the second field.

outlook email login

(2) Next, click the blue “Sign in” button that you see below. This is all the same whether you are trying to login your Outlook hotmail or your Microsoft Outlook 365 email account. Then, you have signed in.

(3) If you find that you cannot seem to sign in, like forgetting your password, for example, click the “Cant access your account” blue hyperlink seen in the picture above. It will then bring you to the next page below, an Outlook email login page that would ask you to choose among three options. So choose one from the three radio buttons if you forgot your password, you know your password but you cannot sign in, or you think your account has been compromised. Once you have chosen a selection, click the Next button.

(4) In order to log in, you can also choose to receive a single-use code that would be sent to your mobile. Do this by typing in your email for Outlook and your phone number. The single use code would be sent to your phone. This ensures that only you get your password for your own account.

Note that single use codes are also helpful in other areas. They allow you to avoid using your passwords whenever you sign in a device that is not that secure or log into a public computer. If you need the additional security, you may request the code in the sign-in screen. The code will be sent to you in an SMS message. You may use the code to sign in instead of your usual password, just this one time. As soon as you have accomplished this, you will get your code in a couple of minutes. If you have been waiting for greater than 15 minutes, click the “Don’t have a code?” so you can get a new one. You can also choose to request a new code if the code that you used does not seem to work. If you happened to request greater than one code, use the most current one. So there is no abuse of the services of Microsoft, there is, note, a limit of the times you can request a code every day.